Artist Feature – Arty Bea

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When did you begin to create artwork?

I was from childhood so into art….always being a little girl was creating something for my parents and family members…Currently I can see deja vu with my son 😉

What inspiration did you draw from for the Zodiac Exhibition?

Being locked in the covid time I notice that’s the perfect time to do some art…I have dreamed that idea and next day it was just simply action -reaction.

What have you learnt from the UK art scene?

In the UK I loved the fact of cultural diversity.That stimulates open mind and open expression which have such a big, great impact in art.

What is your top tip or technique for creating your work in the way that you do?

Follow your spirit and express all your feelings and emotions in every way of art that you do. There are no any rules. I feel absolutely such freedom during my artwork. So enjoyable:)

Catch Arty Bea’s debut – Zodiac Exhibition this week:

Private view: 11th November at 6pm

General admission: 12 – 14 November 10am – 5pm

Muswell Hill Gallery,

21 High St N8 7QB

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