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Come Swap and Shop contributes to sustainable fashion while providing an easy eco-friendly solution to decluttering and refreshing your wardrobe.

Get ready for an awesome swap shop experience full of quality items, fashion and vintage, eco-friendly stalls and intiatives for your enjoyment.

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Moira Morgan’s Book Launch – From Garrison to Garden : 22 June

Wed - June 22, 2022£0.00 Unlimited tickets
Acclaimed Author and Philanthropist takes a brief pause from her ongoing hard work in Jamaica to launch her incredible book From Garrison to Garden Vol 1 with us here at Come Swap and Shop! We will be having a few readings from Moira, and a Q&A session, where she will...
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Get involved

Get involved Come Swap & Shop events

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to take part in any of our community talks; workshops or thrift tours go ahead and email us

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Come Swap & shop community initiatives are educational in creating awareness of diversity and culture via video podcasts, and are free to watch here online. Community events to encourage and bring community together include Toy Swap, Parties (Extra Ordinary Fabulous) Closet Decluttering, Pop Art Exhibition and much more… 

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Come Swap & Shop


All community workshops are delivered by specialists in their field, and require an entry fee to attend.

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Come Swap & Shop

Thrift Tours

Thrift tours are themed with a competitive and fun element. You will be given a passport and map to find and visit 5 charity shop. Buy something from each one to attend a funeral. Be creative and have fun. Buy from a pin to an anchor, best outfit wins cash prize. £25 secures you a place to come on our Thrift Tours, [members pay £20] which includes travel by coach, time to visit at least five other community thrift shops, have fun, eat a hearty lunch and return home in one peace

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Why our customers


Great way to meet new people, refresh my wardrobe and get creative with stylish, quality clothes that have been swapped with love.

Happy with high quality stock

Patricia, London

The event was well organised. The people where warm and friendly. The items were amazing a lot of choice. Presentation was appealing – I enjoyed my visit and look forward to the next one.

Attended talk on eco friendly lifestyles

Ben, London

A great environment to swap what you like 4 what you love. I wasn’t able to try on at the event, the top I exchanged didn’t suit me, but I got to go back to the store and swap for another item that suited me more.

48 hour swap back suits me

Brenda, London

I bought a lovely pair of sandals, l loved at the time of purchase. After two wears I realised I don’t really need them as much as I loved them. Couldn’t take them back to the shop, because I had already worn them, so I swap them for some Prada shoes.

Branded stock in store

Stacey, Atlanta Georgia.

Come Swap & Shop ethos

Be part of an ethical community of clothes lovers

Come Swap & shop is a community building sustainability for future generations.

We like to host talks and workshops on eco friendly lifestyles. All are welcome to come & talk, learn and share creativity.

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