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Moira Morgan’s Book Launch – From Garrison to Garden : 22 June

Wed - June 22, 2022£0.00 Unlimited tickets
Acclaimed Author and Philanthropist takes a brief pause from her ongoing hard work in Jamaica to launch her incredible book From Garrison to Garden Vol 1 with us here at Come Swap and Shop! We will be having a few readings from Moira, and a Q&A session, where she will...
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Pop-up Paintings – AnneAnne McNeill-Pulati + Non Worall: 23-25 June

Thu - June 23, 2022£0.00 Unlimited tickets
Anne McNeill-Pulati's work is influenced and inspired by story, which has a basis in myths and legends. It is often linked to metaphor and allegory, trying to convey meanings and symbols in their historical origins. The figures are sometimes animal or hybrid creatures in a fantasy world. Happenings from the...
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