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At Come Swap & Shop we try to make swopping your clothes as simple as possible, and we understand there are many questions you may want clarified.

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About Come Swap and Shop

What is Come Swap and shop

The Come Swap & Shop initiative is a community building event that supports an ethos of eco friendliness.

The Come Swap&shop experience is a paid membership club, providing pop-up swap shop events, fun tours & more.

Everyone is welcome to come along to an event and Swap up-to 5 pieces of items. This may include; mens/ women clothing, bags, hats, ties, shoes and preloved children’s clothes.

Providing the items are clean, in good condition and not damaged.

Customers are permitted to swap items they no longer need in exchange for items they prefer – #Swaplike4love.

Swapping is the new shopping in an environmentally friendly space.

Graded Clothing

What is the grade criteria?

Red tags
These are items that are in excellent condition, new or name brand – in good condition and vintage

Blue tags
These are top high street brands in, good condition.

Green tags
These are lower end high streets brands in good condition 

Yellow tags
These are none brand in good condition.

We also have available

White Labels
White labels are luxury items that usually cost a minimum of £25 and are not swappable.

What if I am not in agreement with the grade and token I’m given for my items ?

If for any reason you are not happy with the grade and token given to your items, you are at liberty to keep your items.

How it works

What can I do if I see something that I love, but I don’t have the equivalent coloured token to swap it with?

When you subscribe to become a member, your monthly membership immediately allows you to upgrade on any item. Each upgrade will cost you £5.00 per item.

For example an upgrade from ‘yellow tag’ to ‘green tag’ is £5, from ‘yellow tag’ to ‘blue tag’ is £10 and from ‘yellow tag’ to ‘red tag’ will cost you £15.

What happens If I bring five items and I don’t find anything to swap in exchange?

If you bring your items and don’t find anything to swap, you can take your items back or take tokens and come swapping another day. We put out new items regularly.

What happens when I bring my items to swap?

At Come Swap & Shop, we have an in house grading system, which grades items based on condition, brand and quality. In exchange for your items we give you coloured tokens that reflect the grade of your items, and enables You to go swapping from our specially selected preloved collection.

Can I only swap item of similar item?

As a standard Member you can only swap item of similar item. ie; bag for bag, shoes for shoes etc.

Can I bring items to the shop just to donate?

No thank you. We have in house buyers that source clothing specially for our collection

Is there anything you don’t swap?

Unswappable items include: under wear, leggings, damaged, unclean, textile litter (online cheap retail) and supermarket brands. Any unswappable items can be disposed of for you.

Swappable items include: mens clothing women’s clothing, hats & bags, shoes & accessories (T&C’s apply).

All items will be graded and checked for quality and condition.

PLEASE NOTE: The management reserves all right to refuse items that are not at the standard of our clothing criteria.


How much is membership?

STANDARD membership – £5.99
This allows you to Swap item for item, Upgrade, Updates and Discounts on Events a (T&C’s apply).

VIP membership –  £9.99
This allows you to Inter-Swap, 48 hours Swap-Back, Upgrade, Updates and Discounts on Events and Branded merchandise and White labels (T&C’s apply).

What is the benefit of becoming a member?

There are many benefits being a member, you get to swap out your closet with our special selected collection, discounts on our branded merchandise and luxury items, also discount on all our events with an opportunity to meet and be apart of an amazing community in a physical and sustainable environment.

Can I become a member in the store and start swapping straight away?

Absolutely yes.

Are there any payment options to become a member?

To become a member of Come Swap & Shop, you have the option to pay either monthly or yearly, to secure your membership.


It’s your choice, as long as your monthly payments remain up to date, you can take advantage of your club loyalties.

What can I do if I see something that I love but I don’t have the equivalent token to swap it with?

When you subscribe to become a Member, your subscription immediately allows you to upgrade on any item. Each upgrade will cost you £5.00 per item.

Do I have to become a member to shop in the Come Swap & Shop store?

Not at all. Come Swap & Shop welcomes all to come browse & shop from our specially selected, preloved collection. So you don’t have to be a member to shop.

What does 48hr swap back mean?

48hr Swap-Back is a unique club loyalty afforded to VIP members only. For example, you need to quickly refresh your style for an occasion, and don’t have time to rush to find the appropriate attire.

Instead of buying something that you may not really need, and end up feeling bad, you can use our 48hr Swap-Back service.

Which simply means we will hold your item/s for 48hrs, while you get to achieve your look by swapping from our selected collection without breaking your bank. As long as you swap the item/s back within 48hrs of issue, and it remains within the standard of our Terms & Conditions, you may retrieve your original item.

As a VIP member can I swaplike4love from the White Tags – luxury items?

VIP membership only allows you a 10% discount on white labels. White tags are luxury items that usually cost more than £25

What does Inter-Swap mean?

Inter-Swap is a club loyalty afforded to VIP members only. It means as a VIP Member you get the flexibility to swaplike4love on a wider range of items.

For example, you have a shoe token and you see a dress that you prefer, as long as the colour code matches your token, you can swap it.

However, even if it doesn’t, you still have the added bonus of being able to Upgrade to retrieve your desired item.


Can I come to a Come Swap & Shop event even if I don’t have anything to swap ? 

Absolutely yes. Come Swap & Shop gives you the opportunity to browse or buy from our special selected, competitively priced collection.

Other question

I have another question…

If you have a question that we haven’t answered please email us at

Do you want to take part in one of our events?

In addition to the swapping initiative, we host and facilitate talks in a fun loving educational way. to live more environmentally friendly and ethical. 

Come Swap & Shop is a membership trademark shop, which partners with makers of all kinds, in arts and different crafts, all selling ethnical, up-cycled or recycled products.

We bring together family, friends and community, offering our customers an inspirational shopping experience, in which we help raise awareness of environmental issues and promote sustainable options as an alternative to conventional shopping methods..

We support and encourage small businesses by offering discount for stallholders and workshops to engage customers and promote cultural diversity: encouraging ideas for a sustainable future.

Stalls cost £20 and £25 for members Contact us at for more info about stalls.