Interview With Moira Morgan [The Griffin Charitable Trust LTD]

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In 2002, The Griffin Charitable Trust Limited was formed in the United Kingdom by Morgan’s family members, with other interested parties, to support the work of the forum in Jamaica and other charitable family interests. The Griffin Trust was registered in the UK as an international charity in 2003, and registered in Jamaica in 2005.

  • What inspired you to become an author?

The untold stories were screaming to be told. Society needs to understand what makes people do the things they do, that because of where and how they live, there are pressures and circumstances beyond their control and beyond our darkest nightmares.

  • Has your experiences in Jamaica shaped your approach to philanthropy and community outreach?

I have always been a hands-on, do-it, don’t-talk it, kind of someone and that you have to meet people where they are, without judgement.  That being so, I have always worked on the premise of user-led services and training to ensure user-managed provision.

  • What was your creative process in writing [and recording audio] for the book?

To be honest, I’m not really sure, I just wrote down the memories as they came to me as I remembered  them, often reliving the moments, seeing the faces, hearing the voices, feeling the feelings, that’s why it took me so long to write (4yrs). 
Volumes 2 & 3 are in the process along with the audio-version of Vol. 1, which I’ve decided to do – as a number of those having read the book and met me, have said they could hear my voice as they read the pages.

  • You have some amazing accomplishments and a fresh outlook on life. What is your daily motto or concept that you live by?

Love God, live life to the full, take chances in life and on people, they might just surprise you….. and love unconditionally…

  • What are the parallels between life in Jamaica and life in the UK for you?

 Everyone is suffering or succeeding at some level so it’s like comparing apples to oranges…. 

Family has always been more than blood, family has always included the community, particularly the vulnerable (disabled, children, elders, youth in crisis)….. That is the pattern that was set directly by my father, my mother and my stepfather.

From Garrison to Garden Vol.1

What others have said about the book:

“A must for anyone who wants a real insight into the inner-city, who has thought of helping kids back home, or of venturing into volunteerism or social work with the inner-city communities, anywhere, not just in Jamaica. Lessons to be learned. Honestly written, with real empathy.” S. Pearson NYC

“In her own inimitable style, the lived experiences of the participants flow from the authors pen as she performs the sometime risky task of “mothering the communities in which she worked at the same time gathering data as a participant observer. This is its strength. The task now is to ensure that its content gets into the hands of practitioners as well as policy makers, so it can be used to create the fire for advocacy and change so desperately needed by the scores of individuals, whose lives she has so sensitively documented in these pages.” Dr. Claudette Crawford-Brown, UWI, Mona.

I went through every emotion known to a human being, from laughter, anger, sadness, shock/disbelief, disgust. What pathos as you brought how you felt real for the reader. That is exactly how one should write a book of their real-life experiences.” Tony Kelly-Editor-Birmingham UK

About Moira Morgan

Moira Morgan was born in Dublin, into a strong, Irish, Catholic family, she is mother to four, grandmother to ten and foster mother to many more over the years, both in the UK and in Jamaica. Using her life experiences and administrative skills gained over many genres, she has spent close to twenty years, spanning three decades in some of Jamaica’s most challenged and challenging inner-city communities. A far cry from the early retirement plan of winters on the North Coast, sipping rum and coke from a coconut shell, under a Palm tree. Order directly from or via Whatsapp +1 876 891 1663 (with thank you)

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