Muswell Hill Gallery

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Muswell Hill Gallery is a pop-up exhibition that transforms our usual come swap and shop space every two months, running for two weeks each time.

Each exhibition starts on the 8th of each month, with an exclusive private viewing on the Saturday.

After this, we will swap and sell local art in the shop, after we convert back to our usual mode of business

Art Exhibition
Starts 8th till 20 July 2021

Fresh Start

Our exhibition focus is fresh starts and the new beginnings that can come from this invigorating perspective.

After the life-changing events to the world in the last year and a half, humanity has been through a seismic change. Diversity and transition can  also however be a new lense in which to view that which is around us.

We think rearranging our special space into this pop-up is a great way to look at the idea of fresh starts.

Fresh Start Preview
Get your FREE ticket now for our 10th of July preview of the exhibition.

Grab a glass of wine, enjoy the art and meet the artist.

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Come Swap & shop community initiatives are educational in creating awareness of diversity and culture via video podcasts, and are free to watch here online. Community events to encourage and bring community together include Toy Swap, Parties (Extra Ordinary Fabulous) Closet Decluttering, Pop Art Exhibition and much more… 

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All community workshops are delivered by specialists in their field, and require an entry fee to attend.

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Thrift Tours

Thrift tours are themed with a competitive and fun element. You will be given a passport and map to find and visit 5 charity shop. Buy something from each one to attend a funeral. Be creative and have fun. Buy from a pin to an anchor, best outfit wins cash prize. £25 secures you a place to come on our Thrift Tours, [members pay £20] which includes travel by coach, time to visit at least five other community thrift shops, have fun, eat a hearty lunch and return home in one peace

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