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Be part of an ethical community of clothes lovers

Come Swap & Shop is a community that is committed to building sustainability for future generations..

Be part of the sharing economy

The Come Swap & Shop initiative is a brilliant way for you to play your part in this present climate, where more and more people are becoming aware of their carbon footprint, and in need for alternatives to traditional shopping methods. Our ethos is to encourage our members to be more environmentally responsible.

Here are a few ways to reduce your carbon footprint:



If you’re going to buy, buy quality that lasts, even if it means paying a bit more, it will last longer & you won’t have to replace it so quickly.



Be aware of the way advertisers & marketers try to make us consume more and more and are trying get us to buy things that we don’t need.

Spread the


Talk to your friends and children about consumption.

Swap your


We help our customers to instantly declutter, and refresh their wardrobe, making their shopping experience much more cost effective & eco friendly, so you’re actually able to reduce consumption and lessen waste.

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We support

Griffin Charitable Trust

We currently choose to support The Griffin Charitable Trust, which is a charity working at the grass roots level in some of Jamaica’s most volatile and dangerous inner-city communities, educating, training and providing care to the communities’ most vulnerable, the elders and the children at risk.

The Griffin Charitable Trust was founded by Moira Morgan in 2007.

Its a UNICEF-recognised, award winning Charity focused on behavioral changes, resolving disputes peacefully amongst vulnerable and violent communities in Jamaica.

It was so lovely catching up with Moira during her short trip back in London, UK. And just as I thought, she’s a phenomenal woman with a big beautiful heart. Click here to read more.

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Come Swap & Shop Community

Art Launch Exhibition featuring artworks from the ‘Beauty of the Tangible’ female collective

Having successfully launched in the area with their Comeswapandshop Clothes and recycled goods, the Comeswapandshop collective launch a new direction with the Comeswapandshop Art Exhibition and shop.

Curating works from the all female ‘Beauty of the Tangible’ group, CS&S are giving a platform to 8 emerging artists working across diverse genres including painting, sculpture, photography and glasswork inviting artists, art lovers and all comers to come and check out their Launch Exhibition. Exploring themes such as human connection, social artwork and what community really means, CS&S aim to bring art into the high street and make it a focal point for those that would like to connect around up and coming artists that’s also offer affordable prices.

All of the artwork will be for sale but those committed to the idea of Swapping, can come and swap artworks and also get involved in their ongoing art series. With a monthly membership that enables fellow creatives to come and swap their artworks, CS&S aim to host monthly exhibitions and will be donating 10% of the profits to help support their charities.

Get involved

Get involved Come Swap & Shop events

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to take part in any of our community talks; workshops or thrift tours go ahead and email us info@comeshopandswap.com.

Come Swap & Shop


Come Swap & shop community initiatives are educational in creating awareness of diversity and culture via video podcasts, and are free to watch here online. Community events to encourage and bring community together include Toy Swap, Parties (Extra Ordinary Fabulous) Closet Decluttering, Pop Art Exhibition and much more… 

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Come Swap & Shop


All community workshops are delivered by specialists in their field, and require an entry fee to attend.

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Come Swap & Shop

Thrift Tours

Thrift tours are themed with a competitive and fun element. You will be given a passport and map to find and visit 5 charity shop. Buy something from each one to attend a funeral. Be creative and have fun. Buy from a pin to an anchor, best outfit wins cash prize.

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